Wednesday :: Nov 15, 2006

Second Place Already?

by Steve

AP photo

There's a reason why Hillary already stepped down from the Democratic Steering Committee and kept her campaign staffers on the payroll until at least December 31st: Barack Obama. As I predicted over three weeks ago, Obama will run in 2008, because he has seen that without raising a dime or putting an organization together, he has shot to within 12 points of Hillary amongst Democrats according to Gallup this week.

The Clinton camp may be moving towards an announcement so soon after the election for no other reason than to lock up their base and money before the Rock Star temps it to stray. I suspect that Obama's rise played a role in Feingold's decision, as well as that of Mark Warner to forego a 2008 run, as some pundits think that Clinton and Obama will suck any remaining oxygen from other campaigns. That doesn't mean that John Edwards, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Wes Clark, Evan Bayh, Tom Vilsack, and Bill Richardson won't run anyway in the hope of hanging around to see how the main event plays out. But how many of them will get support this early if Obama waits a while to decide if he wants to be the ABC candidate?

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