Thursday :: Nov 16, 2006

The Deal

by paradox

A spectacle I had been blackly dreading took place yesterday in the Senate Armed Services Committee: Republicans snubbed even attending, vile Lieberman all but slapped feces in the faces of his “colleagues,” two-faced lying enabling General Abizad did nothing to stop the slaughter of his own troops, and Carl Levin, Democrat, childishly espoused an extremely dangerous impotent “phased withdrawal” plan to end the Iraq war.

It pains me as much as anyone to write this, all right? One last time: Democrats have zero parliamentary or overt political power to stop the war. None. They can’t stop funding for obvious political reasons and they have no power whatsoever to order the military to do anything. For a hundred vital reasons stopping the war requires the Executive, Bush has to do it.

Publicly stating the public expects change on Iraq and then floating “hopelessly naïve” half-assed withdrawal plans only exerts a very dangerous expectation that Democrats can accomplish something on Iraq, when in fact they can do nothing but make asses out of themselves, or engage in acts of pure wankery, as Duncan Black puts it so well.

There is a way to end the Iraq war by July 1st, though—a clean, honorable way to end, in a fashion, direct US involvement in Iraq. It requires audacity and cunning but not of proportion to what our dear Democrats can execute.

George Bush is felon in three elements: the NSA spying scandal, war crimes for torture and in Faluja, and finally the lies to start the war. Of the three the NSA spying scandal is easily the most slam-dunk, Bush is so obviously a felon here it’s as if it’s tattooed on his forehead.

Bush, as we all know, is a lying megalomaniac who cares nothing for the rule of law, the lives of our soldiers or the welfare of our country. He cares nothing but evading responsibility for the worst US foreign policy of all time in a desperate waiting game of two years, to somehow leave a legacy that does not include losing the Iraq war. He’s not changing his mind on changing the present horrifying disastrous course.

The ultimate lever to change Bush’s mind is that precise legacy: Democrats already have the power to smash it to atomic pieces, to irrevocably enshrine Bush as the worst president this country has had and will ever have. They can impeach him.

That’s not the lever. The lever is conviction, which has never happened to a US president before—these historical unique elements are extremely important to the furtive legacy mind of Bush.

It gets better. Not only will Bush be the first president ever to get convicted by the US Senate, after he is deposed from office Pelosi hands over the NSA file to the district attorney’s office in the District of Columbia. Oh yes, our little war felon Georgie, we’re going to put you in chains.

That will be your legacy, 9-11 man. Eternal digital images of you chained at the ankles, cuffed, in an orange jumper, on your way to make bail, steel bars and a stainless steel toilet your only end of life. You’ll die in there, George. We’ll remember the graves at Arlington and not even blink.

Or you can end the war. Simple. Only Bush can end the war, so give him a choice: accept responsibility for losing, do our duty and do whatever it takes to get all our soldiers out and set up some kind of regional security force in Kuwait. Do that and we will publicly state we will not impeach because the country can’t afford to lose the President when ending the war in Iraq.

That is the only reason not to impeach George Bush, and is a beautiful part of the offer: if you don’t stop the war, George, we’re going to impeach and imprison you anyway. Not only will you be irrevocably held responsible for Iraq but you’ll be imprisoned too. A placeholder president until 2008 can be no worse than a lying criminal.

There is no way to escape, George Bush. Not if the Democratic leadership fully understands the screaming gravity of the crisis the country now faces and offers our war felon president this simple deal. Bush will take the deal to stay out of chains.

Or we can simply wait for Bush to end his term, two more years of utterly horrifying death and disgrace, the risks to the country spirally ever upward. It’s entirely possible Iraq could explode into a regional war by then, yet we would still just wait and watch. The worst part of this epic tragedy is that a new President might not be able or even willing to change Iraq in 2008, that may be a pipe dream, it could go on and on for another term. It could happen.

The time is now to stop the war. Understand the crisis and risks the country faces, Pelosi and Reid, and offer the deal. Bush will take it, he’s just a scared little bully who’s petrified of prison. Offer the deal, or just sit there helplessly for 2 more years. George Bush is not the only American politician who will leave behind a legacy to this fiasco.

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