Thursday :: Nov 16, 2006

Targeting The Sunnis

by Steve


Laura Rozen puts on the table a troubling question that arises out of the bad choices remaining to us in Iraq as a result of Bush’s negligence and gross incompetence: what if the Administration now feels that the only way to push things along is to pick sides between the Shiites and Sunnis?

Last weekend, the administration talks internally about taking sides. And then today, the al-Maliki government throws a match into the mess by putting out an APB for the leading Sunni figure in the country? Instead of dealing with his own Shiite militias, al-Maliki is going after the Sunnis. Yes, this can get much worse very quickly, if the Sunnis feel that the US is no longer interested in reconciliation and in fact is assisting in the sectarian violence. For that matter, the Kurds aren't going to be thrilled either.

I can’t imagine that the Saudis, the Egyptians, and the Jordanians will sit still for this, nor will the Syrians. But then, since when did the White House think ahead? Is that why Bush wants an additional 20,000 troops for Baghdad, to crush the Sunnis? Why would anybody in a position of authority in Washington want there to be the slightest appearance that 150,000 American troops are involved in a "culture of revenge" and ethnic cleansing?

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