Friday :: Nov 17, 2006

Not "We Were Wrong" But "Why Were We Wrong"

by Mary

Spencer Ackerman noted that the problem with the TNR mea culpa was that they did not seem to worry about why they made such a horrendous mistake in backing Bush's war which means they have not thought about how to prevent this type of mistake in the future. Indeed! It was this point that I made in June 2003 where I noted that the way Bush took us into war was so dangerous.

The danger to the world arises because if there is no accounting how we got into war, the tactics that were used to take us into war once can be, and most likely will be used again.

America and the world are still in grave danger because the Bush administration has not learned anything from their mistakes. And despite the Democratic win this month, the danger has not diminished. In fact, as Laura Rozen wrote in the LA Times this week, it is possible that Bush could be on the path to making us partners to genocide by siding with the Shiites just because he (and Cheney) stubbornly refuse to listen to outsiders. Weak mea culpas from the TNR crowd do nothing to change this critical situation.

Somehow we must force Bush (and his puppetmaster, Cheney) to step back and allow more adult and humane people to hash out the least bad choices today. It's no longer about saving face. Now it's about saving lives.

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