Friday :: Nov 17, 2006

Election 2006: DNC's 50-state strategy

by eriposte

As you may know, DLC insider-of-insiders consultant James Carville has been going around bad-mouthing Howard Dean in the past week (surely, it has nothing to do with good old greed and a cut off the pathetic advertizing pie?). It looks like Rahm Emanuel is distancing himself from the lunatic rantings of Carville - who in 2000 suggested that Zell Miller would be a good VP candidate for Al Gore.

The impact of the DNCs' 50-state strategy in Delaware? Here and here.

The significant Democratic wins in the state legislatures were in part due to the DNC's 50-state strategy. Here's part of a letter written by NC Dem Party chair Jerry Meek (h/t Lanya S):

As the Chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party, I cannot disagree more strongly with your recent comments regarding Governor Dean. For the past 20 months, we have benefited from having regional field directors across this state, organizing, building, and implementing ground plans. The results here in North Carolina were tremendous. While your focus seems to be exclusively upon congressional and senatorial races, I’m concerned about all of the races – including down ballot races. Because of the work of these regional field directors, we elected Sheriffs and county commissioners in some of the reddest of counties. We increased our control of the state house by 5 seats (now 68-52) and of the state senate by 2 seats (now 31-19). We elected Heath Shuler to Congress, with one currently undecided potential pickup seat. These down ballot races are particularly important to future electoral successes.

There is no institution – other than the DNC – that is charged with the task of building the Party in the long-term (rather than focusing exclusively on the current election). Howard Dean understands, correctly, that we need to have an infrastructure in place that creates continuity between elections, allowing for the Party’s expansion.

Here's part of a message from CA Democratic party chair Art Torres (h/t David Sirota):

Moreover, Governor Dean's "50 state strategy" played a significant role in our victory. In California, early organizing and coordination provided a strategic advantage over a highly financed Republican Party. We built a hard- charging "rapid response" communications team that pushed back every attack thrown at our down ticket constitutional candidates. We outperformed and out-hustled every single GOP operation on the ground. And we did it with less than a quarter of the $20 million spent by the Republicans on their field operation.
Now instead of moving forward to celebrate our victories and reward our organizers and volunteers, individuals in California - motivated by their own self interest - are maneuvering and re-positioning the results for their own self-interest. 

Nationally, James Carville has anointed himself as the campaign manager of Harold Ford's DNC "takeover." Such divisive tactics distract us from working together to reconstruct our foreign and domestic policies which have been left in shambles by the moral and ethical hypocrisy of the outgoing Republican Congress. 

Let me remind Mr. Carville that the DNC is a MEMBERSHIP organization.  We vote for our leaders, not determine them in back rooms. 

P.S. Which pollster did well this year in their prediction? Somewhat dueling findings - here and here. Also read this.

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