Sunday :: Nov 19, 2006

Utter Futility in Iraq: Capt. Stephanie Bagley

by paradox

Steve Gilliard nailed the current reality of Iraq last week: the concept that the US is training a competent Iraqi security force is a ludicrous fantasy of denial.

Heartbreaking confirmation arrived just a few minutes ago on the front page of The New York Times with the story of Capt. Stephanie Bagley, Military Police Commander in Iraq. Train Iraqi soldiers? “I just want to get everyone home,” she said.

The reporter empirically confirms what Gilliard and others have been saying for months: the spin that we’re staying in Iraq to help them secure themselves is just that, spin, a filthy lie that is ludicrously at odds with plain reality.

I know its naïve, but with the new election results and the country in crisis could the sonzabitches who took oaths to protect us and the constitution stop rankly lying? It gets more absurd every day. Again:

The United States is in Iraq in a failed occupation mode from a lost war. We are in total crisis, we have been lied to for years and if we as a country don’t get it together life as we understand it will crash in bedlam in the next 10 years. Jesus we’re in so much trouble there’s not a way to write it, is it to much to ask that any US official never lie to us about “training” Iraqi security forces again? Jesus.

Ahem. I highly recommend the article and will not quote extensively from it here, but one quote should do to smash home the reality we desperately need to stop lying to ourselves about Iraq:

“The Iraqi policemen begged the Americans not to make them go out. They peeled off their clothes to reveal shrapnel scars from past attacks. They tugged the armored plates from their Kevlar vests and told the Americans they were faulty. They said they had no fuel for their vehicles. They disappeared on indefinite errands elsewhere in the compound. They said they would not patrol if it meant passing a trash pile, a common hiding place for bombs.”

I don’t understand why reality like this doesn’t get our military and federal officials frantic with action. I’m used to the internal reaction; the issue is that after all this time it’s evergreen, the incredulity blooms starkly every time the lives of soldiers like Stephanie Bagley get blown off with a lie.

The United States has lost in Iraq. We continue to lie to ourselves that there are options when the only one is immediate total retreat to Kuwait. The longer we continue to lie to ourselves and others as a country the more lives like Stephanie Bagley’s we will snuff out forever.

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