Tuesday :: Nov 21, 2006

Moving Ahead Without Us

by Steve

As the Bush Administration chooses once again its default-position answer for Iraq of another troop increase, blasting Syria and Iran for the instability that Bush himself caused, it looks like Baghdad is moving on without us to do we should be doing already: working on a regional solution.

Iraq re-established diplomatic relations with Syria on Monday, agreeing to restore an embassy in Baghdad after more than 20 years with no formal avenues of communication.
As the United States undertakes a broad review of its role in Iraq, the neighboring countries of Iran, Turkey and Syria have stepped forward to try to position themselves in case of a major change in policy, leading to a recent flurry of diplomatic efforts. The countries are also concerned about the possibility of a political collapse if the Iraqi government sinks into paralysis with its two main sects stuck in a deadlock.

But remember, according to the Bush Administration, signaling our withdrawal would only lead to chaos in the region, surely not these kinds of regional ties and diplomatic bonds that would make us irrelevant. Mark my words: the Iraqis are going ahead with their own future without waiting for Poppy or James Baker to figure out what is in the best interests of the Carlyle Group.

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