Tuesday :: Nov 21, 2006

Blowing A Stash

by Steve

Update: I have reconsidered part of my original thinking on this story, which was to question how in the hell did Hillary blow half her campaign stash on a race in which her victory was never in doubt?

On the surface, I questioned how Hillary could spend upwards of $25 million on a reelection race like this, but it should be noted that:

*New York is not a cheap state to campaign in;
*She admittedly built a national infrastructure through this campaign;
*Spitzer has spent a similar amount; and
*Anne Kornblut has already run a hit piece on Hillary earlier.

Lastly, read the story and see how Kornblut and Zeleny asserted that Bush has run two "penny-pinching" campaigns and gave the McCain campaign a chance to fire a shot at Hillary. Is it conventional wisdom that Bush ran tight-fisted campaigns, when in fact they are known for lavishing money themselves on parties and early attempts to curry favor with the press?

Regardless, she spent all that money, and now Obama is Number Two without raising and spending a dime, while saying all the right things about Iraq.

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