Wednesday :: Nov 22, 2006

Scattershot Open Thread

by paradox

By now many loved ones have arrived at hearth and home, joyous simple moments of company that make life worthwhile. Many more trips and journeys will be made tomorrow, and The Left Coaster wishes everyone safe travels, happy togetherness and the very best of feasting for this Thanksgiving Day, 2006.

Posting will be forcibly light tomorrow—it is not a day to be one with the machine. We’ll still be around, of course, so drop a line if so inclined, it’s always good.

In the spirit of light posting, a little scattershot and an Open Thread:

----I sorely miss Tracer Fire, it happened weeks ago but I finally get a chance to mention it here. It was a gorgeous design with perfect colors and an enviably snazzy title. Most of all I miss the drawing of Mr. Wolcott. Blogtopia is not the same with his visage gone, sorta like a Washington or Franklin of the blogosphere. Really. Vanity Fair is a very good magazine, I’m sure, but this is a loss.

----Speaking of loss, may the gods of fate and fortune watch over Theoria, helmsman of Liberal Street Fighter, a collection of old school Deaniac Kossarians I enjoyed reading. I last chatted with Theoria before he left to New York City and the convention, read him once since, he seemed the same. I dropped a note to an acquaintance of his but never heard a reply. Liberal Street Fighter has been dark many moons, Theoria, but I still check back often, you know, I care about ya, ya obnoxious fuck. Safe travels.

----This is not sad news, I swear, but progress and good fortune plucked Natasha from Pacific Views into the Midwest, soon the Left Coast will be without her. She’ll never really go away, the ether will keep the Left Coast graced with her forever.

Natasha will always be in a special place in my internet history, a legendary—I mean it, absolutely red hot—commenter at Eschaton before the blog rocketed to the stratosphere and there were perhaps 30 comments a post. She can’t write with the same style now as an Eschaton commenter, no way, and I’m very glad I got to read it when it happened. Go get ‘em, Natasha, you’ve already done everyone proud, don’t worry about that.

Open thread.

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