Thursday :: Nov 23, 2006

Giving Thanks

by Steve

Reuters photo

Please give thanks today that we'll only have to see two more of these goofy displays.

I want to affirm Paradox's sentiments earlier tonight, and wish all of you and your families a safe and Happy Thanksgiving. After the election earlier this month, there is hope once again in this country. Keep our soldiers and their families in your thoughts and prayers on this holiday, as well as the families of those who have already made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. For those that are deployed now, some on their fourth tours of duty, we can hope now with confidence that some of them will be home by this time next year for good, and that would be a very special Thanksgiving indeed.

Thanks for your participation in our community here at The Left Coaster, and my best wishes go out to my partners on this blog and their families, as well as to all of you and your families.

There is sunshine across this land once again.

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