Friday :: Nov 24, 2006

Baghdad Erupts in Utter Civil War Chaos

by paradox

2 hours after Sunnis trapped 2,000 Shiites in a ministry building Thuirsday, subjecting it to mortar and rifle fire, US Army helicopter gunships finally forced the Sunnis to flee. The day before at least 233 had been killed in a horrific wave of car combings in the Baghdad slum of Sadr City. Baghdad has been clamped down with an indefinite curfew, Sadr City cordoned off.

Baghdad used to be the hub of a golden age of Islamic scholarship, some of the best the world has ever seen. It used to have electricity 24 hours a day, and its citizens lived in peace, ethnic peoples commonly intermarrying. Baghdad uses to be a human place where people looked forward to a fairly normal life instead of the utter hell currently smashing their lives.

"There's not enough space in the morgue for the bodies,” said Qassem al-Mudalal, the director of Imam Ali Hospital in Sadr City.

“We need this war,” a Marine Corps general told Dan Rather right before we invaded in 2002, four pretty white stars on his green cap. Is that so? Is the horror engulfing Baghdad what the people of the United States and Iraq need? Is it?

Since it obviously needs to be savagely explained to the human race, which despite a few technical accomplishments is obviously a dullard infant genome, incapable of learning from one generation to the next, it will be stated yet again:

War is total, complete failure. Once humans have descended to deliberate, organized butchery of each other pure savagery and regression is among us. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, worse that can befall a people than war.

This is what Helen Thomas was so frantic about in 2002, she was desperately trying to send the message that Bush wanted failure, he was choosing to unleash the very worst forces in the human psyche. Bush, in one of his most comically evil lies ever, said nobody wants war, then ordered one against a people—babies and children and aunts and cousins, no different that those gathered around the table yesterday—with nothing but lies. They had done nothing to us.

If the people of the United States can ever learn anything from this insanity of murder called the Iraq War, may it be that the instant they hear anyone state to keep the peace we need to start a war they know, they instantly know evil and psychosis is among us, that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong, and that everything must be immediately done to crush the foul, idiotic idea and concept.

May the people of Iraq and the world somehow find it in their hearts and minds to forgive us. Someday.

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