Friday :: Nov 24, 2006

OK John And Joe: Time To Step Up To The Plate

by Steve

AP Photo of today’s funeral processions

After seeing the carnage of the last two days in Iraq, it’s hard not to conclude that the country is in a civil war. After a wave of well-coordinated bombings yesterday in Sadr City against Muqtada al-Sadr’s Shiite followers that claimed well over 200 lives by groups that have yet to claim responsibility, Shiite militias retaliated as expected today against Sunni worshippers, as some were doused with kerosene and set on fire while Shiite police and soldiers watched and allowed it to happen. Al-Sadr blames the Americans for the porous security that allowed the bombings in Sadr City yesterday, and he warned Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki against meeting with President Bush next week in Jordan, and threatened to suspend his cooperation and participation in al-Maliki’s government.

So what pearls of wisdom do Joe Lieberman and John McCain have for solving a mess they have routinely supported for the last three years? Since the Beltway stenographers have been chatting up these two as a “responsible center” option for 2008, I think it is well past time for these same pundits to demand that both Lieberman and McCain spell out precisely how they would solve Iraq, and do it now. America should be able to judge exactly how smart these two really are before they are anointed as our leaders in 2008. McCain will say that this violence in Baghdad only proves his point that another 20,000-30,000 troops are needed immediately in Baghdad, and Lieberman will simply say “whatever you say John”, and comment again that we can’t let the terrorists win. But such responses don’t constitute an actual plan. Senator McCain, suppose we find and send another 30,000 troops into Baghdad to try and secure the city. Do you actually think this will work, and who are you planning to target with these troops? Who is your bad guy here Senator McCain? What endgame do you see after you send these additional troops? Same question to you Joe.

The media is already demanding that the Democrats produce a plan for Iraq when the current administration hasn’t been able to produce one viable plan in almost four years. Instead, attention should be focused not on the Democrats as a whole, but rather on the most vocal supporters of Hussein’s toppling from the “responsible center”, and they should be pressured repeatedly to produce their plan for “victory” and what they anticipate will happen if their plans are implemented. McCain’s CYA attempts and Lieberman’s smirk towards his Democratic caucus mates should be challenged now.

Tell us guys, what's the plan?

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