Saturday :: Nov 25, 2006

Bush Destroyed British Terrorism Investigation For Political Gain

by Steve

When the Brits suddenly arrested numerous people back in August for allegedly plotting to blow up trans-Atlantic flights to America, we suspected that this was another case of the Bush Administration crippling an ongoing terrorism investigation for short term political gain. It turns out we were correct.

A team of suspected terrorists involved in an alleged UK plot to blow up trans-Atlantic airliners escaped capture because of interference by the United States, The Independent has been told by counter-terrorism sources.
An investigation by MI5 and Scotland Yard into an alleged plan to smuggle explosive devices on up to 10 passenger jets was jeopardised in August, when the US put pressure on authorities in Pakistan to arrest a suspect allegedly linked to the airliner plot.
As a direct result of the surprise detention of the suspect, British police and MI5 were forced to rush forward plans to arrest an alleged UK gang accused of plotting to destroy the airliners. But a second group of suspected terrorists allegedly linked to the first evaded capture and is still at large, according to security sources.
The operation was one of the largest undertaken by the police and MI5, yet two counter-terrorism sources suggested that the intervention of the Americans was due to "inexperience and naivety" and that they were after a "short-term success".
American intelligence chiefs are understood to have persuaded the Pakistani authorities to arrest a British citizen, called Rashid Rauf, on Wednesday 9 August this year.

You’ll note that the Bush Administration jumped the gun on this investigation to politically benefit from Joe Lieberman’s primary loss to Ned Lamont, by creating a storyline that the Lamont win was proof that the Democrats don’t care about terrorism if they would toss aside such a stalwart as Lieberman. Well, Lieberman is set to take control of the Senate Homeland Security committee in January. Do you think Joe will have the stones to investigate this administration’s troubling pattern of using terrorism for political gain? Or will we have to rely on the House Intelligence or Homeland Security committees to do this work and embarrass Lieberman for coddling the Administration?

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