Sunday :: Nov 26, 2006

More U.S. Support for Democracy

by soccerdad

How the U.S. supports democracy and the "will of the people" is playing out in Venezula as the December elections approach. Two recent articles examine the role the US has played in trying to get the result they want.

Chris Carlson reminds us of how the U.S., having failed to get rid of Milosovic through a bombing campaign, turned to influencing the ballot box.

They sent in CIA front organizations funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Instead of guns and bombs, these U.S. forces were armed with fax machines, computers, and perhaps most importantly, sophisticated surveys done by the Washington-based polling firm Penn, Schoen & Berland.(1) Their mission: to take down Milosovic by strengthening opposition groups.

So it should come as no surprise that these same actors are now operating to get rid of Hugo Chavez.

But as Mr. Carlson points out it will not be as easy to unseat Chavez who is very popular, except with the rich elite. So on to plan B which is to forment a coup d'etat. An important step is to create the illusion that the elections are fraudulent. THis has been done inthe past elections by an NED (National Endowment for Democracy) funded organization called Sumate who claimed that those elections were fraudulent, a claim gladly picked up and championed by the privately held, by the elits who hate Chavez, media.
Also playing a role is Penn, Schoen & Berland who has been manufacturing fake polls and spreading the results through the media opposed to Chavez. However, what is more ominious is this:

Two weeks ago, on Globovision, one of the major private channels in Venezuela, opposition leader Rafael Poleo called on Venezuelans to do the "Ukrainian" on the day after the elections.(11) Claiming the elections will be fraudulent, Poleo, who was involved in the 2002 coup attempt, described in detail a "plan" to remove Chavez from power after the elections. Comparing it to the "Orange Revolution", the plan calls for Venezuelans to come out en masse to protest against the Chavez government and what they call "fraudulent elections." Poleo then made a call to the high military command to back this "movement", in what basically amounts to a call to overthrow the government.

So we will see in 2 weeks whether the US can get its way and finally get rid of Chavez.

Stephan Lendman reports on a new book by Eva Golinger.

Golinger is a Venezuelan-American attorney specializing in international human rights and immigration law. She wrote her first blockbuster book published in 2005 called The Chavez Code - Cracking US Intervention in Venezuela that documented the events surrounding the 2002 US-directed failed coup against Hugo Chavez that ousted him for two days and that the people of Venezuela through their mass outrage reversed.

The book documents the following actions of the Bush administration in its attempt to oust Chavez
1. demonization campaign in the media
2. The US financing of 132 anti-Chavez groups.
3. Diplomatic means - This includes sanctions against Venezuela for made-up things....claiming Venezuela is not collaborating on (curbing) drug trafficking, which is not true (as a US State Department report shows by having documented that from 1998 - 2004 Venezuela's drug seizures rose from 8.6 to 19.1 tons and Caracas claims the tonnage rose dramatically in 2005)." It also includes a "second sanction....for trafficking in persons. But there is not a shred of evidence that Venezuela is not doing everything in its power to prevent trafficking in persons."
4. Most important of all, the US created a new classification in May, 2006 "and Venezuela is the only country (under it) - which is for not cooperating with the war on terrorism." Venezuela is now sanctioned and "prohibited from buying arms that have been manufactured in the US or use US parts."
5. rhetorical campaign from Washington that included Rumsfeld comparing Chavez to Hitler.
6. Congress has claimed "President Chavez is engaged in smuggling Islamic radicals from out of the Middle East to Margarita Island (off the Venezuelan coast) where they are training them in Spanish and giving them ID documents and sending them to Mexico, where they are crossing the border to the US."
7. Increased Pentegon presence on the tourist island of Curacao in the Caribbean, close enough to Venezuela to see the coastline, where a US base is located.
8.Use of Pentegon sponsored agitprop against Chavez
9. the US "building up a secret base near the border with Venezuela, next to Apure state....a small base, but the US is building airplane hangars for spy planes (to be used as a) launching point for espionage operations and monitoring of Venezuela. They also have large amounts of high-ranking US Special Forces there" along with high and low-ranking Colombian forces all controlled by US Special Forces.
10.Plans to invade termed Operation Balboa
11. Plan to use of Columbian paramilitary to attempt to assassinate

Both authors see Chavez winning the election easily, but see the attempts to overthrow Chavez coming quickly after the election.

I don't think any of this is surprising to anyone who knows the history of US involvement in South America. The only thing that is suprising is that so much of the the American public still buys into the utter nonsense that the US's intent is to establish democracy in Iraq, South America, etc. I mean they are trying to rid the US of democracy. Come on people wake up and smell the authoritarianism ar at least the blatant hypocrisy.

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