Sunday :: Nov 26, 2006

More Election 2006 nuggets

by eriposte

Tom Schaller - author of the book "Whistling Past Dixie" - has done a great job in this C-SPAN interview dispelling some election 2006 myths and providing some additional perspective on the significance of the South in national elections. Take some time to watch it if you can. Tom's comments include some of the information/stats he published at TAPPED - here and here - which are very much worth reading. (Just for clarification, my position is that Democrats need to compete in all 50 states whether or not the South votes for Democrats).

At, Max Blumenthal has two very interesting posts on the comparison between the generic House vote before the elections and the actual victory margin for the Democrats - here and here. If you have time only for one post, this is the one to read.

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