Sunday :: Nov 26, 2006

Iraq: This is how bad it is

by soccerdad

Understanding that what is happening in Iraq is out of the control of the US, Jonathan Chait wonders whether bringing back Saddam is such a bad idea.

Yes, I know. Hussein is a psychotic mass murderer. Under his rule, Iraqis were shot, tortured and lived in constant fear. Bringing the dictator back would sound cruel if it weren't for the fact that all those things are also happening now, probably on a wider scale.
and here is the upside according to Mr Chait
The disadvantages of reinstalling Hussein are obvious, but consider some of the upside. He would not allow the country to be dominated by Iran, which is the United States' major regional enemy, a sponsor of terrorism and an instigator of warfare between Lebanon and Israel. Hussein was extremely difficult to deal with before the war, in large part because he apparently believed that he could defeat any U.S. invasion if it came to that. Now he knows he can't. And he'd probably be amenable because his alternative is death by hanging.
And asks:
I know why restoring a brutal tyrant to power is a bad idea. Somebody explain to me why it's worse than all the others.
So now even with the situation hopless, at least in humanitarian terms, this is the best he can do? Also notice, is Mr. Chait implying that Saddam would make nice with the US if we were to spare his life? So in the end Mr. Chait is still unwilling to let the Iraqi people settle it. Having destroyed the country we must still impose our will.

Its all academic really, because Mr. Chait as well as most of the MSM refuse to admit that Iraqis dying is perfectly fine with the US. So the plan is to stay the course, because what is happening now was the plan. They are just not tired of dying just yet. If the political pressure gets great enough then installing a strong man is likley and as has been reported Allawi would be the choice link.

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