Monday :: Nov 27, 2006

Open Thread - Heave Ho Edition

by Steve

Read Jim Rutenberg's piece in Monday's NYT on the concerns among some congressional Republicans that Bush will triangulate against them his last two years to achieve some legacy-building successes with Democrats. Some of the impetus for this notion that Bush would move to the center, leave his party behind, and work with Democrats to build a legacy is represented by a mindless Page One "analysis" by the Post's Peter Baker on Monday, which contains little sensical material in it.

What is noteworthy in the NYT piece is not the idea that Bush would work against his own party for history's sake, and suddenly make nice with the Democrats, but rather the assertion by a congressional GOP official that there is no desire among the GOP caucuses to defend Bush or his policies anymore. It is frankly laughable for the GOP to sell a major reporter on this unfounded fear of Bush The Triangulator a week after he renominated John Bolton and the same wingnut judges for confirmation, and a week after he sent the same signals about not changing direction in Iraq. Yet somehow we are to believe that there are GOP staff on Capitol Hill who are worried that Bush will suddenly cut a deal with Democrats on things like health care, Social Security, and Iraq?

Sure, pass me another beer Spike.

OK, it's your turn.

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