Wednesday :: Nov 29, 2006

Is Bush Getting Stiffed?

by Steve

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As some of you have noted, Bush's meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister al-Maliki was postponed until tomorrow, and the White House quickly denied that the leaked Hadley memo questioning al-Maliki's effectiveness had anything to do with the postponement. Rather, the White House says that there is no need for the three-way meeting between Bush, al-Maliki, and King Abdullah II of Jordan originally scheduled for today, because al-Maliki got to Abdullah first alone, thereby negating the need for a three-way meeting today. Instead, the White House now says that Bush will have his "robust" meeting with al-Maliki tomorrow while the Prime Minister deals with Muqtada al-Sadr's faction suspending their support for his government over the meeting with Bush.

Do you buy the White House explanation, and if this "summit" was so well planned out in advance, then why did al-Maliki see the need to get to Abdullah by himself first before Bush got there? It seems like not everyone at the White House got the memo today that seeing al-Maliki was no longer necessary today:

The change of plans appeared to surprise some members of Bush’s entourage. Boarding the motorcade for the trip to the palace, White House press secretary Tony Snow said there were still discussions about whether a photo op Wednesday night would include al-Maliki.

Did these guys get stiffed and outmanuevered by a guy they think is in over his head? And if so, what does that make them?

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