Wednesday :: Nov 29, 2006

Look In The Mirror

by Steve


One thing that has been lost in the coverage of the leaked Hadley memo on the weaknesses in Prime Minister al-Maliki's government and his handling of his duties was this assessment:

Among the concerns voiced in the memo was that Mr. Maliki was surrounded by a small group of advisers from the Shiite Dawa Party, a narrow circle that American officials worry may skew the information he receives.

Pot, meet Kettle.

Update: And while the White House now incredulously insists that this meeting was a social meeting only, and that it was they who canceled today’s three-way meeting, the Iraqis tell a different story: they never wanted to leave the country at this time (coup concerns?) and didn’t want Bush to have a hand-holder at a meeting ostensibly to discuss issues directly between the Iraqis and Americans. And they say it was they who canceled this meeting, not the Americans.

Iraqi officials balked at the three-way meeting after learning Abdullah wanted to broaden the talks to include the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, according to Redha Jawad Taqi, a senior aide of top Shiite politician Abdul-Aziz al-Hakim, who also was in Amman. On Sunday, Abdullah had said the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was a core issue.
Two senior officials traveling with al-Maliki, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information, said the prime minister had been reluctant to travel to Jordan in the first place and decided, once in Amman, that he did not want "a third party" involved in talks about subjects specific to the U.S.-Iraqi relationship.
"We insisted that the meeting be canceled," said one of the officials.

First off, after spinning this last week as a major meeting why would the White House send Bush to the Middle East for a “social meeting” that apparently wasn't intended as a serious discussion on strategic adjustments? Second, do these two sides ever talk to each other, if for no other reason just to simply get their stories straight? Is there any wonder after this episode why things have gone to hell in Iraq, if the White House and Baghdad aren’t even able to communicate on a basic level?

By the way Condi, what exactly do you do to earn that shoe money of yours?

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