Friday :: Dec 1, 2006

Carville's Top Five For 2008

by Steve

Hillary is assembling a staff for a presidential run, and will apparently wait until after the first of the year to see what Obama will do.

For whatever its worth, James Carville says that the 2008 race has five larger than life candidates. On the GOP side, Carville points to McCain and Giuliani, dismissing Mitt Romney (even though Adam Nagourney seemingly puts Giuliani as the third man out). And interestingly, on the Democratic side, Carville mentions Hillary, Obama, and yes, Al Gore. I don’t think that Romney will make it to the finish line due to his religion and the base’s unwillingness to vote for a Massachusetts Mormon, plus it doesn’t help that he has his own illegal immigrant problem. But I think that pundits overestimate Giuliani’s chances as well, as I can’t see a thrice-married adulterer gain the favor of that base either. As for McCain, he runs behind Giuliani now in the national polls. On the Democratic side, obviously Carville knows something the rest of us do not about Gore’s intentions in 2008, or he is speculating that something will shake loose late next year after Hillary and Obama go head-to-head all during 2007, while Edwards, Bayh, Biden, Vilsack, and perhaps Richardson and Clark fly under the radar screen.

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