Monday :: Dec 4, 2006

Open Thread - "Win" At All Costs Edition

by Steve

Read this story in Monday’s Post, not because it tells us that Bush is considering options for how to get out of Iraq (because he isn’t), but because of the lunacy espoused by Lindsey Graham at the end, which I hope is the standard GOP position for the next two years.

Republican Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.) took a different tack, saying the United States should send more troops to Iraq to quell the sectarian violence and stabilize the nation. He said Bush "needs to tell the American public a failed state in Iraq is a dramatic loss in the war on terror. . . . We must stay, fight and win in Iraq. I reject timetables" for troop withdrawals.
"And any strategy that unites the country and we lose, I'm against," Graham told "Fox News Sunday." "I'd rather be divided as a nation and win than united and lose."

Sure Senator Graham, let’s send more troops to “win”. In fact, let’s get another 20,000 troops from your home state of South Carolina. Let you, your kids (Oh, that's right - you've never been married), and your constituents go to Iraq to die for Bush’s mistake as the Middle East explodes. As a matter of fact, let’s send Fox News viewers to Iraq to “win.” After all, you would rather have a divided nation so you can “win”, so let’s see Red State America and Fox viewers go to Iraq and “win” this one for W.

OK, it’s your turn.

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