Tuesday :: Dec 5, 2006

A Premature Analysis

by Steve

For reasons that are beyond me, Kos says that based on his analysis of the Democratic field and primary/caucus calendar, Obama would win the nomination and the election, barring an entry by Al Gore. Kos dismisses Hillary from Iowa, when in fact she is just now working on putting together a network there and John Edwards is already strong on the ground. Kos overestimates Tom Vilsack's home state advantage, as well as Bill Richardson's chances in Nevada. He apparently also feels that Obama and his persona, with his message of hope, will be enough to overcome all other Democrats. He then concludes that Obama could beat John McCain straight up. Sorry, no sale.

Kos claims he isn't indicating an endorsement with this bouquet. I don't buy his analysis, not the least of which because it is way too early for such assertions, and because it assumes facts not in evidence simply from how Obama looks on his book tour. As attractive as Obama is on the stump, he still has not been tested or shown his chops on issues that matter on the national stage.

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