Thursday :: Dec 7, 2006

McCain Shows His True Colors - Dems Should Call Him On It

by Steve

Mr. Straight-talk Wise Man has chosen his senior campaign operative for 2008, a slime ball who was responsible for the race-baiting Harold Ford smear ad, and who was involved in the New Hampshire GOP’s illegal phone-jamming scandal.

A man can be judged by the company he keeps and the character of those he hires. McCain will do anything to get the GOP’s 2008 nomination and win the White House. And if you don't think McCain would use race-baiting against an Obama candidacy, or smear Hillary without a second thought, think again.

In fact, if a second-tier Democratic candidate for 2008 is looking for a sure-fire way to get some welcome attention from the base, why not go after McCain? For example, Bill Richardson jumped into the race today. Wouldn't it be smart for someone like Richardson, or Tom Vilsack to hold McCain's far-right pandering and hiring of race-baiting crooks like Terry Nelson up to the sunlight? I don't expect McCain's Senate colleagues like Obama, Kerry, Biden, Dodd, Bayh, or Clinton to go after McCain in this manner because they don't have the guts to take him on for hires like this and then see him on the floor the next day. But what does Richardson, Vilsack, or even John Edwards have to lose by scoring points in tagging McCain for moves like this and challenging the media to get over its slobbering infatuation with him? The base would love any Democratic contender who went directly at McCain.

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