Sunday :: Dec 10, 2006

Weekend Readings

by eriposte

P.S. Make sure you read Matt Stoller's post at MyDD on the Iraq Study Group's "report". An excerpt:

The fetishization of bipartisan elites, and the shoddy and dishonorable work these elites put out on a consistent basis, is a terrifying prospect for our ability to self-govern.  The Iraq War largely happened because the foreign policy establishment and the political elites were too scared and arrogant to consider that a robust public debate about a sound course of action could serve us well.  In fact they pursued a largely secretive agenda in which think tank and Op-Ed credentials largely signified that one could operate safely as a courtier and wouldn't buck a pro-war consensus.  It was simply culturally correct to go to war and arrogate immense power to George Bush.

The disconnect between these elites and popular sentiment has been vast since 1998, and I'm not sure how much it's closed.  Certainly we're seeing ferociously bitter hatred towards blogs and left-wing pundits on the part of these courtiers.  But there are advocates now, like Murtha and Pelosi, people who understand that we feel terribly betrayed by the elites who keep telling us that we have no place in public discourse, and that they are so obviously correct even when they are obviously wrong by every standard imaginable.
As our situation gets uglier, John McCain may come out looking better and better.  He's not trying to win in Iraq, he's trying to blame Bush and the Democrats for losing Iraq.  James Baker made that very clear when he said this morning that the ONLY critic of the report who had an alternative plan was John McCain, adding that he had enormous respect for McCain.  I can't predict whether McCain's position is going to help him.  What I can say is that if Democratic elites choose to rely on this report as anything but a propaganda wedge, then the assumptions of this report - that it's not worth rehashing the initial invasion and the massive failure of the establishment's apparatus for judgment - are going to become the standard arbiter for what we do going forward...

Let me add this. John McCain has been one of Bush's biggest enablers and he is the neocon's neocon. In some ways, he is worse than Bush because he pretended to have concerns and principles everytime he preened in front of the gushing media and then when push came to shove, when it was time to hold the Bush administration accountable, he kept enabling the criminality, incompetence and depraved behaviors at every turn (the Authoriation of Torture and Removal of Habeas Corpus Bill, which passed because of McCain's support is but one example). Democrats who let McCain get away with all of this will regret it for a long long time.

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