Monday :: Dec 11, 2006

Mid-Day Update - Gore In The Spotlight

by Steve

Here are several items for your afternoon consideration.

Al Gore gets a nice piece from the Associated Press on his pre-Oscar plans to tout “An Inconvenient Truth” and how this may dovetail into any plans for 2008.

I know that many in the center-left blogosphere are unhappy with Rahm Emanuel, and I am for his knowledge of the Foley matter months before it blew up. But I am supportive of the news that Nancy Pelosi will be moving the House Democrats’ political messaging operation and rapid response capability from her Speaker’s Office to Emanuel’s Caucus Chairman’s office.

Judge Reggie Walton handed a victory to Patrick Fitzgerald when he accepted Fitzgerald’s proposal on how to provide Scooter Libby’s legal team with classified documents without risking the exposure of secret information. This may undercut Scooter’s attempt at a graymail defense.

Howard Kurtz took note this morning of possible Bush Administration infighting as evidenced by the recent rash of leaks, and how the public statements by administration officials are clearly at odds with what they think privately.

Want to see why GOP Senator Sam Brownback is unfit to be president? Check out his judgment on the best way to bring about a diplomatic solution in Iraq.

And Tony Snow says today that the White House is dismissing GOP Senator Gordon Smith’s critique of Bush’s Iraq war because he is simply being “emotional” over the GOP losing Congress last month.

Hat tip to Taegan Goddard and ThinkProgress

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