Monday :: Dec 11, 2006

Lacking Basic Skills

by Steve

AP photo today of Bush's Iraq braintrust

We’ve reached a point in this administration when the media finds it necessary to lead off a story by stressing that Bush has to work at doing things that other adults do every day:

President Bush, eager to show he can take advice on Iraq, embarked on a round of public outreach Monday and promised Americans the unpopular war eventually would make their lives safer.

Most adults know that in the course of everyday life they have to listen to others and occasionally take advice. It is a sign of an individual’s maturity for them to ask for help and counsel from others, instead of impetuously plowing ahead without considering if they are pursuing a bad course of action. Adults, especially in a position of command and authority who have the lives of others riding on their decisions, are considered imperial and arrogant, as well as negligent and reckless if they act as if they know best above all others.

And yet six years into a forgettable presidency and nearly four years into a war that is criminal in its conception and execution, the AP states the obvious, which is that Bush is trying to convince us with three quarters of his administration gone that he is an adult possessing basic skills, let alone a capable commander in chief. The White House wants us to know that by the time that Bush makes his major announcement before Christmas of any course corrections in Iraq, he will have talked to everyone. They have managed to bamboozle magazines like Newsweek into thinking Bush is now listening to critics. And who are these critics? Well, they are members of Congress, whom Bush and Cheney never will heed; and his conservative towel-snappers from the 101st Fighting Keyboard Brigade, who got face time with Bush so that the White House could tell the media that they are now listening to everyone.

Everyone except the retired generals who criticized him for his mistakes, that is. In fact, let’s see if Bush talks to any of his real critics at all before coming out with his new and improved plan for victory. I doubt that he will. That would require him to be, well, an adult.

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