Wednesday :: Dec 13, 2006

Bush Refuses to Make a Rash Decision

by Mary


Bush wants to gather input and listen to all views to help him make his decision. And he wants more time to make sure he's gathered the information he needs for this decision.

Bush said, "I will not be rushed into making a difficult decision ... a necessary decision."

March 2003:

Despite numerous voices decrying the rush to war, Bush needs to get his war on ASAP.

The Washington Post Saturday, March 15, 2003

Bush's Political Future Hinges on Quick War

"As the White House called yesterday for a summit in the Azores on Sunday amid signs war could begin soon without U.N. action, the administration's position is that Bush's firm determination to oppose further delays is driven by concerns about the threat Iraqi President Saddam Hussein poses to the United States. But Republican and Democratic pollsters, economists and operatives said part of the urgency for Bush is tied to his political standing at home. They said the uncertainty related to the war is depressing consumer confidence and postponing the sort of robust economic recovery Bush will need to win reelection.

Yup. No fast decisions for that guy.

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