Thursday :: Dec 14, 2006

TLC Morning Update

by eriposte

Here are some noteworthy items this morning.

1. Statement from Senator Tim Johnson's office:

Admiral John Eisold, Attending Physician of the United States Capitol said, “Subsequent to his admission to George Washington University Hospital yesterday, Senator Tim Johnson was found to have had an intracerebral bleed caused by a congenital arteriovenous malformation.  He underwent successful surgery to evacuate the blood and stabilize the malformation.  The Senator is recovering without complication in the critical care unit at George Washington University Hospital.  It is premature to determine whether further surgery will be required or to assess any long term prognosis.”

Barbara Johnson, wife of Senator Johnson, said, “The Johnson family is encouraged and optimistic. They are grateful for the prayers and good wishes of friends, supporters and South Dakotans.

“They are especially grateful for the work of the doctors and all medical personnel and GWU hospital.”

We wish Sen. Johnson a speedy recovery.

2. Have you read the DNC's Tracy Russo's first post here on the 50-state strategy? If not, scroll down and give it a read.

3. Blogswarm at Calitics has an important post for those of you who live in California - especially those who live in Blue Dog Democrat Ellen Tauscher's district (CA-10). It looks like Rep. Tauscher - who may have a partial progressive record - appears content with inviting a primary challenge in 2008 given that she seems to be out of touch with and afraid of her constituents. In my view, it is counterproductive for her supporters (see here) to make the situation worse by misconstruing the reason why the netroots have an aversion for Rep. Tauscher. Progressive activists and bloggers are not against "moderates" (after all many such "moderates") have been supported by the netroots over the years. What the progressive netroots can't stomach are fake Democrats - those who use Republican talking points and adopt destructive Republican policies to undermine other Democrats, in order to shore themselves up (e.g., Holy "Slush Fund" Joe). If Rep. Tauscher believes that that is acceptable behavior for a Democrat then she's definitely out of touch with her constituents (who voted 59% for John Kerry). Anyway, check out Blogswarm's post for more.

4. Earlier this week, Bob Geiger posted the transcript of a great interview that he managed to get with Senator Harry Reid. Here's an excerpt, but make sure you go read the whole thing:

Reid: We did have a plan and the press, a lot of it, ignored our plan. But, that's what's in the Iraq Study Group report. Our plan, which we offered as legislation on the floor, the Reid-Levin amendment is basically what the Iraq Study Group did. Our plans for energy independence, for helping kids get through school -- not because of how much money their parents have, but because they're smart enough to be educated -- that was part of what we wanted to do.

Retirement security, so that people have more security in their retirement than they do now because pensions are being obliterated, social security is being attacked… So it certainly is concerning that we weren't able to get our message out as much as people said we didn’t, but I think we did more than we were given credit for as indicated by elections on November 7.

Geiger: But how does the mainstream media miss 528 pages of legislation from the Democrats, saying this is our plan for national security?

Reid: Well, you're unique -- you've read it. Most of them just read other peoples' newspaper columns and let's just let it go at that.

Another snippet:

Geiger: One of my colleagues in the Progressive blog world did a study on gas prices leading up to the elections on November 7 and found that they continued to fall right up until election day…

Reid: And now they're going up again…

Geiger: …and then they started going up immediately after the election, what…

Reid: What a surprise.

Geiger: What is your comment on that?

Reid: I believe that the oil companies have the ability to manipulate prices. I had a study done by the Federal Trade Commission to find out why the price in Nevada was so high and they said 'well they're high, but we don’t know why.' There was no reason for it. Well there's some reason for it… It seems to me that conveniently, they finally seem to go down at certain times and at times the gas prices are allowed to go up.

I'm not a big fan of the oil industry… I think they've ripped off the American people. [Audio]

5. Why would the US Chamber of Commerce continue to have the unethical and corrupt Thomas Donohue heading it? This is the guy, whom NY Governor-elect Eliot Spitzer (D) described thusly on Fox News sometime ago:

SPITZER: I think he is a shill for guilty people, and Tom Donohue has never once found a crime that he couldn't justify, as long as it was committed by one of his dues-paying members. And it is too bad. The Chamber of Commerce should rise above that sort of rhetoric.

Tom Donohue cannot show you one fact we've alleged that is wrong. And yet, if Mr. Donohue wants to be an apologist for criminal conduct, so be it. Then he is, I think, tarnishing the reputations of many of his members who don't want that sort of voice out there saying that illegal conduct is good. It isn't.

P.S. Bonddad has his own blog now - all economics and markets all the time :-)

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