Saturday :: Dec 16, 2006

Who's Money Was Wasted?

by Mary

Thursday, the New York Times had a long article about how poorly the Bush administration has been doing in the area of Homeland Security. Illustrated by the massive corruption, waste, fraud and abuse that was business as usual for the gang that thinks the government needs to let the private business do everything without government oversight, the Pentagon had given billions and billions to Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman to retrofit the Coast Guard cutters as part of the requirement to protect our country. The article ends with the following quote:

“The government still needs to be in there so they know what decisions are being made and if the decisions are in their best interest,” said Michele Mackin, an assistant director at the Government Accountability Office. “It is still their money. And they are going to be flying the planes and running the ships.”

Their money? Where the hell did they get that money? How about from us, the US taxpapers, or even worse, our children's money because it was mostly borrowed. The government needs to be in there because it is their responsibility to spend our money responsibly. Someone should go to jail for this level of careless incompetence and corruption.

Please note that the problems with this program were reported years ago and one very brave whistle-blower lost his job trying to make someone, anyone pay attention. Thank you, Michael DeKort, you are a very brave man and a true patriot. You can see his YouTube indictment here where he finally gave up trying to get someone in the government to pay attention and took his case to the public.

(h/t Altercation)

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