Sunday :: Dec 17, 2006

Open Thread - ICE Raids Edition

by Mary

What was the "lesson" that the Feds sent this week in regards to the ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) raid? Michael Chertoff says that the massive raids were necessary because some of the workers in the meat packing plants are stealing US citizen identities. Yet, after after picking up more than 1280 people, on the first day some 65 people were charged with identity theft. The next day ICE said that they expected that more people would be charged with ID theft, and still, the numbers were small in comparison to the number of people picked up in the raids. Democracy Now says that ICE expected to find some 170 people they to charge with identity fraud. So what is the message to the other more than one thousand people picked up and shipped off to locations unknown and the families that have been left behind? Was it a message to the immigrant community that they must be even more afraid? What was the message to the business that use immigrant labor? Because, one thing is certain, the reason so many illegal immigrants work at Swift without complaining about the dangerous working conditions is because people who have choices won't work in such a dangerous field for so little pay. After these raids, Swift should be assured they will get less complaints from uppity workers.

What's on your mind?

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