Monday :: Dec 18, 2006

Louisiana Legislature Votes 97-1 to Fire FEMA/LA Admin Firm

by paradox

The inimitable Scout from First Draft has been chronicling the travails of our brother and sister citizens in New Orleans, and the latest twist is simply baffling—there is no reason for this gross trauma, none.

A couple in their 90’s, like tens of thousands in New Orleans, was granted five…hundred…fifty ($550!) after their home was destroyed in a cruel program named “Road Home.” $7.5 billion dollars (!) was sent to Louisiana this summer from the feds, so the state hired a company (for $756 million) called ICF International to disperse Road Home money.

They’ve failed so completely the Louisiana legislature recently voted 97-1 to have them fired. I was incredulous that the “nation” of Iraq could not spend its own money to solve urgent problems, but I never thought we’d be on their level.

There wasn’t any word on when any of our people can get some relief money to get their homes and society back. They’re still in the same hell after the hurricane, just a different flavor of cruel indifference every month.

When Bush and the Republicans stole election 2000 and started a war for lies I could basely understand their motives, childish and evil though they were and are. But the level of indifference here to our own people makes no sense.

Bush grandly promised New Orleans anything it needed, at least $7.5 billion made it out of Congress, but it can’t be spent. In the U S of A, land of the almighty dollar, how is it possible billions lie around and not make into the economy?

It’s as if our people are being punished for having their lives smashed. When it’s got to this point where billions are deliberately withheld from our most desperate people—just one bureaucratic evolution away—a line has been crossed from indifference to something truly ugly and frightening.

I only have one answer, an answer glowing with rage and resolution at what the foul animals in our government are doing to our people: Election 2006 is just the beginning of your education. Republicans are never going to be trusted with federal government responsibility again. Never, not after this.

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