Thursday :: Dec 21, 2006

Open Thread - Lying About The Minimum Wage Edition

by Steve

Bush said Wednesday that he'll support the increase in the minimum wage - as long as it is tied to tax breaks and regulatory relief for small businesses. If Bush really cared about small businesses, he had six years to put through such a package with a compliant Congress, yet he waits until now to suddenly take up the call for more tax breaks. The public by a large margin supports the minimum wage hike, so Democrats are in a strong position to demand an up-or-down vote on a wage increase alone.

And any talk about a need to sweeten the bill in the Senate to avoid a filibuster is insane: let the GOP filibuster this bill, for God's sake. Are we really worried about losing a filibuster on an issue where over 70% of the public supports us? I pray Bush and the GOP threaten a veto or filibuster if they don't get their way. Bring it on.

OK, it's your turn.

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