Thursday :: Dec 21, 2006

Scarborough Introduces The I-word

by Steve

Image courtesy of Crooks and Liars

It's a 14-minute clip, but you have to watch Scarborough's segment last night on Bush's flip-flop and his apparent isolation/detachmnent on the issue of adding troops in Iraq against the advice of the generals, against the wishes of the Iraqis themselves, and with public support of only 12%. Scarborough and his panelists discussed the probablity of impeachment had a Bill Clinton done this with a GOP Congress and a right-wing media machine hounding him. And Mike Barnicle ended the segment opining that if Joe Biden conducts hearings at the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and we find out that generals had asked for troops previously but were denied, but are now telling the White House not to send troops but instead are being ordered to take them, then Bush needs to be relieved.

Folks, the escalation issue and Bush's isolation on the subject and rejection of the ISG report has put impeachment back into the discussion through the back door without the Democrats having to say a word. Congress needs to put the Bush foreign policy into receivership.

Hat tip to Jamie at Crooks and Liars, and commenter mainsailset

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