Wednesday :: Dec 27, 2006

More Weenies Please

by Steve

Reuters photo of Bush's stress 3 days after visiting maimed soldiers at Walter Reed

I agree with Brad and Atrios: How can the Post’s David Ignatius still wear kneepads for this president after four years of a debacle the likes of which we haven’t seen in decades? Ignatius seemingly and incredibly wants us to have some sympathy for George W. Bush because his war is going badly, and wants us to give the president his due because Bush is letting it show. F*ck that. I’ve got nearly 3,000 reasons why Bush never deserves any sympathy at all from anyone on any subject, not the least from a Post inside-the-Beltway war cheerleader who works for an institution that buried the reports from its own reporters that the administration was lying to the American people about Saddam’s WMDs.

Hey David, drag all the rest of the Post’s editorial board, and yes that means you Hiatt, you miserable asshat, over to Iraq right now, and do a few patrols so that these guys don’t have to. And while you are at it, take a few of the “strong characters” as you call them from this White House, and make sure they get outside of the Green Zone and see what they have truly done to that country. And then write me a little “Poor Little Georgie” valentine about how tough it is for W to make this decision himself.

After four years, sycophantic boobs like Ignatius still can’t bring themselves to admit that Bush has already made the “tough” decision to ramp things up, and can’t bring themselves to openly criticize a man who can willingly ignore the judgment of many better informed and real-world experienced people. Ignatius would rather talk about the loneliness of making a decision that he can’t see has already been made, and can’t acknowledge that the real objects of sympathy aren’t the leaders in this country who have allegedly opened the “emotional curtain” to bamboozle cocktail weenie eaters like Ignatius, but rather the real victims of the Beltway Crowd: the troops and Iraqis who pay for Bush’s criminal behavior.

Update: emal is correct; there appears to be a coordinated attempt to plant a new narrative into the media mainstream of Bush as a sympathetic figure, who is being affected now by the stress of the job. Check out this puff piece by Sheryl Stolberg of the Times on Christmas, about Bush and how the stress is starting to show. Hey Sheryl, go ask the families of the nearly 3000 dead soldiers, and the tens of thousands of maimed soldiers about the stress they are facing, and then ask me if I am suddenly concerned about Bush's stress. Damnit all, the only reason Bush is feeling any stress at all now is because he no longer has a GOP rubber-stamping Congress to sweep stuff under the rug, and now needs to hire lawyers to fend off Democratic subpoenas. And if you twits in the media can't figure that out, then go back to J-School and start over. And leave your weenie plate at the door.

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