Wednesday :: Dec 27, 2006

NYT Reporter Attacked By Pakistani Security Services

by Steve

New York Times reporter Carlotta Gall was trying to cover a story on the Pakistani-Afghanistan border on how well entrenched the Taliban have become, when she was assaulted by Pakistan's ISI intelligence service in her hotel room. The attack was bad enough, given that the ISI has protected and supported the Taliban and Al Qaeda for years under official cover. What is even worse are the responses to this attack by the bedwetting right wing fighting keyboarders in the "Comments" section of the ABC News post, who look the other way and actually encourage it when the ISI attacks a female journalist who works for the NYT.

These, my friends, are the cultists who still stick with Bush, but don't have the guts to strap it on and go fight themselves. This is the Bill O'Reilly/Rush Limbaugh crowd in full view, who make fascism possible in this country.

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