Thursday :: Dec 28, 2006

Goodbye and Thanks, Billmon

by paradox

I was not surprised to see the image Billmon posted Tuesday, bidding us all farewell (the site is down with an error message now). Easily the most brilliant writer in blogtopia, Billmon was also one of the most offended by degenerative American “democracy,” and I am glad, very glad he no longer feels the burden to write.

I also feel very privileged to have witnessed in real time Billmon’s first post at Kos’s place and the evolution to a gorgeously designed blog. I’ll always be grateful for every post; Billmon did his duty, did it incredibly well, and owes no one anything.

I agree with him that blogs failed in their mission to stop the war and George Bush. I was surprised at myself and blogtopia that after 2004 hardly anyone gave up, and indeed just worked harder. Besides the election victory of 2006, I do believe blogs do a great deal of good by keeping people engaged in the screens and away from filthy television. There are as yet organic developments to web technology and culture we have no clue about that will arrive from that growing engagement, I am positive.

I envy Billmon, in a way, to honorably put down the sword. I have never been sure what I do in the screens is good for me, and I certainly would have been much, much happier detached from it all. It’s no fun to see others note how negative one is, how down one is. Charming.

I actually don’t know why I keep writing in the screens; I long ago gave up any dream to actually effect anything and rationalized that an attempt was better than nothing. It’s pretty tough—many won’t like to hear this, but currently American “democracy” is degenerative, and no, I don’t think 2006 is clear demarcation of recovery. It’s a violent, repressive place in unmistakable regression, ruled with lies, fear and distraction, and perhaps one day our country will come back.

Steve Gilliard says we should keep our voices for the other 40 people we represent in the screens who have no way to get to them or offer input. Sometimes this works, but I don’t want to represent anyone else but me. I often say I’m a Little People liberal, but I don’t think the little people give a shit, frankly. The country still fails them horribly this very second, they're not impressed.

Most people would obviously peg me as an angry person, something I have no trouble with. Only a pervert would not be angry in the age of George Bush, and it’s my nature to fight back when hit. I know who I am, my personal relationships go very well, and it’s not anger that keeps me here.

So I shall carry on in my small, limited way, for what motivations I do not know, other than a base love of writing, but I could easily fulfill that in other ways. I’ll be here for I don’t know how long, and Billmon is already gone. I’m very, very glad to have seen his presence flicker through the ether, and I wish him the very best. Thank you, sir, very much.

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