Friday :: Dec 29, 2006

Lieberman: It's All About Iran

by Steve

Joe Lieberman penned an Op-Ed for the Post this morning, in which he tries to justify the escalation through making tired arguments about a lack of security in Iraq, as if this were 2004. He is calling for an escalation that would aim to provide security in Baghdad and go after Al Qaeda in the al Anbar province, something we have been calling for around here.

These are two good reasons, but again they are being made two years too late by a cheerleader for this war as if he bears no responsibility for this mess. Does Lieberman factor into his justification the impact upon our forces if the commitment of our reserves through this escalation doesn't work? More importantly, does the American public really want to squander any more troops to stabilize Baghdad while the Iraqis seem intent on killing each other? And isn’t it clear that Lieberman’s rationale is simply the pretext for his next war for Israel in Iran?

Others have a good read on this situation.

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