Saturday :: Dec 30, 2006


by paradox

Atrios has a taxonomy of Annoying People and one category are the Defeatists. I have stated the country is a degenerative democracy in regression, but I also said we may perhaps get the country back. I’m still here, trying in various ways.

I have whined in comment threads that I’ve never got a link from Duncan. At least I was honest enough to admit it was sour grapes.

h/t Juan Cole for this incredibly good story of a journalist’s return to Baghdad. It’s sort of a paradox, I suppose, but the some of the most fascinating and admirable humans I have known are journalists. Scores have given up their lives trying to report Iraq. I try to keep this firmly in mind as I rail against American corporate journalism and the great dangers of generalizations.

I was going to write that climate change has meant the end of California droughts, for it’s been 14 years since the last, but there was a 13 year gap in the past, 1934 – 1947. It is a little strange in my lifetime, however, to keep getting all this rain. No drought this year either, we’ve had a fair amount of rain so far, nothing huge, but real rain before New Year’s nonetheless.

Special thanks to scout_prime of First Draft for an incredible year of service. The reporting has been excellent, yes, but I deeply appreciate the mental fortitude to keep going back the story week after week. It’s a lot of tragedy and pain to process for the work. I can’t find nearly what I want or need for news of New Orleans from the American “journalism” corps, so this work means a great deal to me. Thank you.

Scattershot is also always an open thread, please have a very, very pleasant Saturday evening.

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