Wednesday :: Jan 3, 2007

The Wise Men Speak

by Steve

As Bush readies to escalate in Iraq, how much confidence do you have in the Wise Men behind the McCain Doctrine? Like AEI "scholar" and military historian Frederick Kagan:

"If we surge and it doesn't work, it's hard to imagine what we do after that," Mr. Kagan says. "But we're already in a very bad spot, and if we don't do anything defeat is imminent."

Sure, you’ll only break the Army, the Marines, and the National Guard, and kill another thousand troops, but “defeat” in Iraq is much, much worse.

And the architect of the McCain Doctrine himself:

According to Vanity Fair, an audience member told McCain, “The war’s the big issue. Some kind of disengagement — it’s going to have to happen. It’s a big issue for you…in 24 months.” McCain responded:
“I do believe this issue isn’t going to be around in 2008. I think it’s going to either tip into civil war … ” He breaks off, as if not wanting to rehearse the handful of other unattractive possibilities. “Listen,” he says, “I believe in prayer. I pray every night.” And that’s where he leaves his discussion of the war this morning: at the kneeling rail.
Later, McCain told Vanity Fair editor Todd Purdum, “It’s just so hard for me to contemplate failure that I can’t make the next step.”

Enough said.

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