Friday :: Jan 5, 2007

Drawing A Line

by Steve

Before I head back to NYC this morning, note a couple of things:

Many bloggers snicker about Joe Biden. Not me. I am glad he is head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee right now, and I am glad he will be motivated by political ambition to make things very difficult for the Bush Administration the next two years. Note E. J. Dionne's piece this morning, wherein Biden openly talks about what we have suggested around here for several months now: having Congress reconsider and possibly rescind the 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force.

I didn’t comment on this yesterday, but Bush used another one of his signing statements to grant himself authority to open your mail, in direct contradiction to the bill he was signing. Well, Congress may do something about that. It’s about time they mounted a frontal challenge to this administration on signing statements possibly through a court challenge. It would be a pretty sad spectacle for the Congress of the United States to have to sue a president for grossly exceeding his power as outlined in the Constitution, but it is a step short of impeachment that may be viable. I’ll defer to you lawyers out there on this subject.

Well, on to the airport and the streets of Broadway’s Theater District in New York City for the next week.

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