Saturday :: Jan 6, 2007

Al-Maliki: Don't Bother Sending More Troops

by Steve

With both Republicans and Democrats now voicing opposition to Bush’s limp escalation plans before they are rolled out next week, note that Iraqi prime minister al-Maliki is now also telling Bush not to bother. He’s going ahead with this own plans to improve security in Baghdad with his own forces in the lead. And the Americans? Al-Maliki says they will be in a supportive role only, not in the lead. And McCain? He’s now sounding lukewarm because Bush isn’t sending enough troops.

So if the White House tells us that worsened security warrants an escalation, why is Bush seemingly out of touch with the host government? It's clear that al-Maliki thinks he has enough forces for the job now, since he is doing this without waiting for any additional forces to arrive from us. Doesn't this confirm that the escalation isn’t based on anything the Iraqis have requested, but rather on what the Bush Administration wants?

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