Sunday :: Jan 7, 2007

Hagel v McCain

by Mary

Senator John McCain has been outspoken in his view that to "win" in Iraq, the US response must be escalation. Although, he's already trying to get in front of Bush's "new strategy" by indicating he thinks the there needs to be more troops than what Bush is most likely planning to put forward. Nevertheless, Bush is expected to endorse the McCain Doctrine next week.

However, don't expect to see the Congress rollover easily as one of the more outspoken Senators on the folly of escalation is Senator Chuck Hagel. Senator Hagel is most definitely looking forward to making the Bush administration be more accountable.

Newsweek's got a piece that lays out the differences between these two Republican Senators, who once were friends but find their disagreement over Iraq straining the relationship. Kudos to Chuck Hagel, for his thoughtful approach to the problem of Iraq. He's If he follows through with this, he'll be a real American hero for our time.

Updated to reflect the caution that Hagel has talked tough before, but is known to bend to the President's wishes most of the time. (thx eR.)

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