Sunday :: Jan 7, 2007

More Bad Advice for Democrats

by Mary

In a story about how Iraq is dividing Democrats because the base wants the Democrats to stop the war comes this gobsmacking thought:

Angering their base is risky for Democrats. But appearing captive to it also carries risks, as Republicans learned last year when they invited a public backlash by bowing to Christian conservatives in the case of Terri Schiavo, a brain-damaged Florida woman.

"Both parties have a base that is militant and angry and they're very demanding," said Dick Armey, the former Republican majority leader in the House.

"And they're going to show up constantly and demand that each party conduct the affairs of the House in a manner to appease that militant angry base. If you do that, as the Republicans did in some instances, you make yourself less attractive to a broad spectrum of voters."

Hello? The reporter actually sees the Democratic base asking that the Democratic Congress stop Bush from screwing up Iraq more and the Schiavo incident as an appropriate comparison?

What were the polls telling the Republicans during the Schiavo incident? Oh, that's right: 70% of the public thought the Republicans were wrong to get involved. Note that the numbers opposing federal intervention included two-thirds of the conservatives.

What are the polls saying about Iraq these days? Just that 72% of the country disapproves of Bush's handling of the issue and a majority of the country disapproves sending more troops over there. Even the military is tired of Bush's war.

If the Democrats can figure out how to stop Bush, does it sound like they will experience the same level of disapproval from the electorate? Not hardly.

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