Monday :: Jan 8, 2007

What Leverage?

by Steve

From NYC

The New York Times runs a piece Tuesday on how difficult it will be for Bush to “sell” the Iraqis on his new, limp escalation plans when the Iraqis don’t want to go along. We even get to see quotes from Kenneth Pollack, who helped sell this war in the first place, telling us that Bush will have to make it clear to the Iraqis that they have no choice but to accept what Bush wants to do. No choice? Just what exactly Kenny-Boy can Bush do to the Iraqis if they don’t play ball? Just what leverage do you think Bush has over the Iraqis, you dipshit?

He’s going to deploy 20,000 troops to do what, fight al-Sadr or go after the Sunni insurgents? Yeah, that’s smart. He can’t even sell his own caucus on this, because no one believes that the Iraqis are serious about holding up their end of the deal. Bush still thinks the Iraqis will go after al-Sadr. And he and Cheney both think they will have a free hand to go after the Sunnis, getting us right in the middle of settling sectarian scores, without the Saudis, the Jordanians, the Syrians, or the Egyptians doing anything about it.

Yet we get stupid assholes like Ken Pollack telling the Times that Bush will just have to force the Iraqis to go along with him. Or else what, Ken?

BTW Kenny-Boy, even the Poodle won't go along this time.

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