Tuesday :: Jan 9, 2007

Escalation Begins This Month

by Steve

From NYC

In Wednesday’s Post, they point out the obvious: Bush is breaking with the generals by ordering a limp escalation in Iraq, sending in the first of 20,000 troops by the SOTU at the end of this month, a number of troops that is far fewer than called for in the McCain Doctrine and far fewer than are necessary to really accomplish anything. As Josh Marshall noted earlier Tuesday, Bush is sending a paltry amount of troops that seems designed solely to push the problem off to his successor, and not to actually deal with security objectives inside the country.

On another note Tuesday, Nancy Pelosi delivered one item on her “100 Hours” agenda by passing something the GOP refused to do in two years. The House approved in a bipartisan manner a bill aimed at implementing the 9/11 Commission recommendations. Now we can wait to see Joe Lieberman look for excuses to kill the bill in the Senate while pocketing campaign contributions from airline and shipping companies. And at a time when we are blowing over $120 billion a year on Iraq, we can't find $10 billion to adequately screen all incoming cargo on passenger planes and ships?

Joe certainly has his priorities, doesn't he? He would rather blow $120 billion annually in Iraq for Israel than take on the airline and shipping industries to keep us safe here at home. Funny how righteous men operate, huh?

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