Thursday :: Jan 11, 2007

AP Poll: 70% Oppose Escalation

by Steve

Forget what I wrote earlier in the day about six in ten Americans rejecting Bush’s decision to escalate in Iraq.

It’s actually seven in ten, according to an AP/Ipsos poll that came out after the ABC News/Washington Post poll I referenced earlier. And the AP/Ipsos poll has a smaller MOE.

Americans overwhelmingly oppose sending more U.S. forces to Iraq, according to a new AP-Ipsos poll that serves as a strong repudiation of President Bush's plan to send another 21,500 troops.
The opposition to boosting troop levels in Iraq reflects growing skepticism that the United States made the right decision in going to war in the first place and that a stable, democratic government can be established there. Just 35 percent think it was right for the United States to go to war, a new low in AP polling and a reversal from two years ago, when two-thirds of Americans thought it was the correct move.
Sixty percent, meanwhile, think it is unlikely that a stable, democratic Iraqi government will be established.
Fully 70 percent of Americans oppose sending more troops, and a like number don't think such an increase would help stabilize the situation there. The telephone survey of 1,002 adults was conducted Monday through Wednesday night, when the president made his speech calling for an increase in troops. News had already surfaced before the polling period that Bush wanted to boost U.S. forces in Iraq.

That, my friends, represents a total rejection of George W. Bush as commander in chief.

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