Thursday :: Jan 11, 2007

Open Thread: Introducing another Guest Blogger

by eriposte

It is with great pleasure that I'd like to "introduce" our newest guest blogger: Marcy Wheeler.

Marcy aka Emptywheel (at The Next Hurrah) really needs no introduction. Other than the fact that she is a well-known and accomplished investigative blogger who's known, among other things, for her extensive and thorough analyses of the Valerie Plame case, she also happens to have a Ph.D. studying/analyzing rather interesting literature (no wonder she's so good at reading between the lines and cutting though spin like a knife through butter!). She is now the author of a book I can hardly wait to read - Anatomy of Deceit. To cap that all off, she's going to DC to cover the Scooter Libby trial with a press pass. In fact, she has already been setting the stage for the trial through a series she started at TNH - part one discussed the Cooper charge and part two covered the Russert charges.

Marcy is a local Democratic party official in Michigan and if all this hasn't convinced you, let's just say she is obviously *pretty* busy (she also does consulting work intermittently to make a living). Yet, she has graciously accepted an invitation to guest blog here at TLC when she can. I invited her on behalf of my co-editors here at TLC to tell readers more about her book - what it felt like writing it, what stories she covers in the book and what revelations we can expect and just about anything else she feels like discussing. We would of course love for her to also publish investigative posts here over time, and my hope is that she will choose to do just that whenever she can.

I look forward to her posts -- and I am sure she has a big fan base here at TLC.

Please welcome Marcy and tell us what is on your mind (other than the Madness of King George).

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