Friday :: Jan 12, 2007

Would the Military Stop a War With Iran?

by paradox

By now it’s perfectly clear from alert bloggers, veiled threats in Bush’s speech Wednesday night, a very disturbing attack on the Iranian consulate in Iraq, and a Naval man appointed to be Chairman of the Joint Chiefs as extra naval assets steam toward the Gulf that war with Iran is actually possible.

It’s instantly clear to everyone with nuclear force the total insanity of such an action by the United States except for, apparently, the President and some of his advisors. It’s incredible but this is serious, rumors of war with Iran are abuzz everywhere, it might happen.

Bush has no authority whatsoever under any circumstance to initiate war with Iran. He was not granted those powers in the Iraq war authority act, and even if some event (staged or not) on the Iranian border occurs Bush has no legal authority whatsoever to attack Iran in any way, at any time, for any reason.

Do the Joint Chiefs of Staff know that? Do the Secretaries of each service? All the Generals, Admirals, Commanders, Lieutenants, Ensigns, Captains, Majors, and Colonels in each branch of the armed services, are they aware of the total insanity and extreme danger in war with Iran?

They’ve sworn to uphold the Constitution too, and they’re the ones who will actually carry out the criminal insanity. Would they obey Bush and start a clearly illegal and insane war with Iran, or refuse for the honor and safety of the country?

I don’t know. It’s a bad sign I don’t, and if I was forced to make a choice I’d say yes, they’d carry out the orders from a President, no matter how illegal and insane. Ingrained discipline would be too great for the military to resist; for it to work the officer response would have to be unified, something which seems totally unlikely.

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