Sunday :: Jan 14, 2007

Introducing Sam Gardiner as Guest Blogger

by Mary

It is our pleasure to introduce Retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner as the TLC Guest Blogger expert on National Security issues. For many of our readers, Sam Gardiner is well known for his numerous insights that Steve has posted over the past few years. His biography states:

Sam Gardiner is a retired Air Force colonel. He's a teacher. He has been on the faculty at the National War College where he taught strategy and military operations. He has taught at the Air War College and at the Naval War College. He has also been a visiting scholar at the Swedish Defense College.

He has been an advisor for the Pentagon on numerous occasions and talked about what he found in Iraq immediately after the invasion on NPR. He also published a definitive work called Truth In These Podia (pdf) which explained the propaganda methods that the Bush administration used to sell the war. With his numerous contacts and insight into politics and military strategy, he will bring a wealth of analysis to our pages.

Please welcome Sam Gardiner.

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