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About The Left Coaster

by Mary

The Left Coaster: politics with a left coast perspective.

The Left Coaster is pleased to have some knowledgeable guest contributors who provide our readers with unique analysis and accurate information in the form of Blog Op-Eds. As always, the opinions offered in any blog post at TLC reflects the opinion of the author of the post and no one else, unless otherwise stated.

Blog Op-Ed Contributers

* Climate Science and Global Warming - Dr. Christina Hulbe

Prof. Hulbe is an Associate Professor of Geology at Portland State University. She teaches courses in glaciology, geophysics, numerical modeling, and earth climate (here is her home page at the university). She is a geophysicist whose research focuses on glacier ice, particularly in the Antarctic. She uses numerical models that simulate the physics of glacier ice and observations made using satellite remote sensing. She got started in glaciology doing field work in Alaska and Antarctica but spends much of her time immersed in writing code and doing data analysis on a topic that involves truly massive amounts of data. In fact, she had recently returned to the Antarctic in November/December 2006 after 14 years and just got back to the mainland United States a couple of weeks ago. [She has a Ph.D. in Geophysics from the University of Chicago but that's just a small detail].

* Democratic National Committee - DNC Guest

Josh McConaha (The DNC's Internet Director) and Tracy Russo (the DNC's Online Outreach Coordinator) have been invited to contribute regular blog posts on TLC to discuss strategic ideas and issues, tactical victories and challenges, and other aspects relating to the DNC's 50-state strategy. The intent was to give them a forum to discuss news and ideas that they can engage the netroots on. Josh and Tracy are very knowledgeable Democratic activists who are in a good position to share some perspectives and knowledge pertaining to the DNC's 50-state strategy with our readers - and we thought you, as readers, will appreciate the opportunity to engage with them directly, ask them questions and debate them on the issues.

* National Security and Foreign Policy - Retired Air Force Colonel Sam Gardiner

Sam Gardiner is a retired Air Force colonel. He's a teacher. He has been on the faculty at the National War College where he taught strategy and military operations. He has taught at the Air War College and at the Naval War College. He has also been a visiting scholar at the Swedish Defense College.

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